The Law Firm is a "bridge" between the USA and Italy for all those who may need advice and legal assistance, judicial and out of court, in Italy, having the advantage of being able to interface and speak directly and personally with the same firm and professional who will carry out the task entrusted to him, without intermediaries, with evident advantage in terms of costs and benefits for the final result.

The Firm’s mission is to aid

a)   Italians (or descendants of Italians):

-      who are called to manage legal problems in Italy of any kind (related to real estate and/or inheritance, civil liability, litigation with debt collectors etc.);

-     who have to sell or buy real estate in Italy and more generally want to invest in Italy;

-       who have companies, Italian or American, that carry out activities in Italy and need legal assistance, out of court or judicial;


b)   American (USA) companies or citizens:

-    who have business in Italy for which they need judicial and out of court legal assistance ;

-       who want to make real estate investments in Italy;


c)   professionals (law and tax consultant firms)

-     who need to collaborate with a law firm in Italy for questions related to their clients;